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How much weight can I expect to lose?

Our patients lose ten to twenty pounds in a month. Weight loss may vary between men and women due to hormonal differences. Weight loss results also vary from person to person depending on many external factors, such as your starting weight, lifestyle habits, and how diligent you are with working your weight loss plan.

Do you treat adolescents?

Yes, but we ask that the child be no younger than 16 years old. A parent must be present and provide written consent to start program, we evaluate each case individually and work with the adolescent and parent to come up with a viable solution to the weight problem.

Do you provide the meals for me?

No. but we do help you develop your nutrition knowledge. We encourage you to implement easy to follow steps on food choices, frequency of meals, and proper portion sizes. Through consistency of habit, weight loss and weight maintenance is achieved. You can go forward into life knowing you have the ability to make healthy meals and healthy food choices. .

Do I have to just eat salads?

No you do not! Although salads are a healthy food choice, you do not just have to eat salads. We encourage you to look at all the foods you do like and place these foods into a healthy menu plan. Remember diets are not about restriction, they are about diligence. We help teach you to plan ahead to make sure you have the healthy foods you like. You are able to buy foods at the local grocery store, but now you will have a plan as to why you are purchasing those certain foods.

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your initial visit, you will meet with a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant who cares about your weight loss goal and would like to help you achieve it! You will receive a warm welcome, and an initial assessment to determine whether you qualify for the program or not. If you have no predisposing health problems and the provider deems it safe, you can start the program that day!

Are medications mandatory?

No. Our medical providers will evaluate your individual needs, based off your current BMI, starting weight, weight loss goals and current lifestyle habits. We can provide alternative weight loss solutions such as dietary supplements, B12/B-Complex or HCG injections. Medications can be prescribed at a later time if needed.

Are your prescription medications safe?

Yes. We only provide FDA approved medications. They have been FDA-approved for decades and have very strong safety profiles. As with any medication, there may be side effects or risks. For most people, these effects are minimal and of short duration, and can include dryness of the mouth, constipation, difficulty sleeping, or headache. A small minority of patients may experience such side effects, which usually resolve themselves within two days. Our medical staff will tailor dosages to your individual needs and monitor their safety and effectiveness through your weekly visits.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately we do not take medical insurance of any kind at this time. Payment is due at time of service. In the event we begin taking insurance we will change the answer to this FAQ.