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About Us

Body BalanceMD was formed to provide assistance and medical guidance to clients wishing to lose weight and get their lives back in balance! Many people are frustrated with their weight, fearful of health problems associated with weight gain, and increasingly at odds with their own self-image. People do not set out to gain weight, but rather, may end up in patterns of behavior that give them a result, such as weight gain. For many, our lifestyle habits, daily food choices, and lack of activity, all contribute to this imbalance over time. Many have tried fad diets, exercise programs, and herbal alternatives, but are missing some of the other key components for successful weight loss and maintenance. At Body BalanceMD our mission is to support you through the journey of weight loss, provide a good weight loss philosophy and help you understand why a plan needs to put into place to help you get to where you want to be.

Body BalanceMD will help provide the missing components, through individual counseling with a provider during your visit. We help identify the lifestyle changes and provide the tools needed for your successful weight loss.

Sometimes all a person needs is for someone to just point them in the right direction, give them moral support and help getting that initiative started. Body BalanceMD has found, with the right support, philosophy, plan and education, anyone can obtain their weight goals. Our goal is not only to help you lose the weight, but to give you the right mental attitude and positive outlook to help you keep it off.

Body BalanceMD would like to be the good foundation of help, guidance and motivation you need to begin your weight loss journey. Remember, weight loss is not about restriction, it is about diligence! If you have been thinking about losing weight, and want the help and support in doing so; it may be time for you to learn how to balance your life, so come see us at Body BalanceMD!